Sunday, June 19

had enough ;)

Honestly, I guess I was really tired of doing all the missing, waiting and regretting

I had enough of letting my tears coming out everytime I stalked him through facebook. Seeing him laughing and keep forgetting the old us while I keep on letting the memories movie'ing in my head. I’m glad that after one year,we are still in each other facebook friend lists. and we still talk to each other. and i still receives texts from him sometimes.

i believe it's time for me to eschew away all my tears for him. hm. i've read this one blog and it touches me deeply,dalam sangat. she took herself three years to really put that guy away, far farr away. to find all that courage to actually let go, face the past and say “it’s okay, no more pain,no more him”. because between that three years of suffering,she believed that first love is the best. That first love lasts. And that it doesn’t beat the love you find after the first one. but alhamdulillah,akhirnya she got her way out of that thoughts eventhough it took her a very very long period. and i understand 100%ly apa yang dia rasa through that three years of pains. sakit sangat. seriously. ohya,aku baru setahun ni haa,ahhaa, imagine three years then?

Yes,there is a difference between giving up and knowing when you've had enough. This is not a 'give up' for me. am just letting Allah do the rest. InsyaAllah. He knows what's the best for me.

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