Friday, November 25

It has been awhile since I last posted anything up on this wall. should admit that life here are toooo busy. the word busy itself doesn't portray the routine here. Sometimes I wonder how a robot would be like if they have feelings and interchange with the connection of the virtual world. and now I should opt myself to act like a robot so that I dont play with my easily-touched and soft fragile heart and to distance myself from emotions while going through ups and downs in KMB,or should I call them my cells(prison) of blooming buds.

few days back,this quote came out knocking into my hypothalamus [eh ke cerebellum? haha couldn't remember the function of each part of brain since I left for engineering and leaving my favorite subject,Bio behind :'( sobs sobss ] so ya. the statement was NO PAIN ALL GAIN which was suppose to be no pain no gain at the first place. how easy would life be. haih. Even Prophets Muhammad S.A.W did face circumstances throughout his beautiful journey of life.

So why complain banyak sangat Ayu? hurmmm

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