Monday, December 12

floating fly sky high

It's very beautiful how much 2011 has changed me yet I am still very much of the same person. Things I never thought I’d do today, laughing back at those scary moments along my journey, crying like superdupereasy-hobby, broken-heart phase, funny how we first met as friends who knew nothing but to tease and later on developed feelings. All and all made this year bittersweet :D

#np count on me

Im glad that I can finally show the world our unique chemistry we created today.

So many doubts, many obstacles, two different worlds, complete different backgrounds, almost similar pasts. But pictures can only tell so little, it’s the moment that lasts for a long time. Today I’m grateful. Grateful for many things in life.

oh anyhow,saya tahu saya banyak kekurangan. dan sering dipandang rendah. untuk kau. aku masih tertanya kenapa aku sentiasa dibenci kau. Entah apa aku buat sampai kau tak pernah nak cakap baikbaik dengan aku. tak pernah. *ok ayat novel habis hewhew*

Nahh. ok forget it. bye :P

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