Sunday, April 8


But I still wanna write. who cares about IB. cewah no lah. jk. IB,please love me. Hee. Oh,few days back,I got many usrah and pengisian.Alhamdulillah. Maybe this is one way for me to cool down a bit, not to stress out too much or like what biha said "kita study study jugak,Allah jangan lupa". hihi. InsyaAllah biha, thank you for the reminder :)

By the way, I would really love to share this with you guys today. I feel like this fact is a cute one for us to know. hee. Have you ever wondered why cant we see Allah but we can still ask so many things from Him? Haa. Now,try putting one finger as close as you can on the upper part of your nose which is between your eyes. You will not see that one finger kan? or if you still can, you can only see half of it. (ok,plus a bit pening kepala here) haha. And that is the answer. We can't see Him because He is very close to us. very very close.  
"Dan sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan manusia dan mengetahui apa yang dibisikkan oleh hatinya, dan Kami lebih dekat daripada urat lehernya " (50:16) 

Thank you for reading and selamat beramal :)

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Closer Than Veins [2:186]

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