Tuesday, May 15

Officially an IB survivor!

Hehe sorry dayah. I took the tajuk of your recent post. Hehe. 

Anyways,helloooooooooooooooooooooo world. hello malaysia hello rumah especially. Haha. Fuh. Finally. two years. Two years of struggle, two years of crying my head up and down, two years of staying up till late night doing my extended essay project,internal assessment, the crazy math portfolios, two years of letting myself alienated in between the kelapa sawit haha. Well, true enough,kmb wasnt that bad. but should admit that this international baccalaureate diploma program was a tough one. diploma je okay. So sad kan. But nemind,I think I can see the clandestine planning of an engineer-in-the-making. Nak taknak,I have to face everything. Eh,I succeeded already okay. Going through the bittersweet victory! And now that I'm done with IB, I shall call myself a superwomannnnnnnnnnnn. Haiyakk! 

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