Sunday, August 21


I should really learn on how to control myself from letting my tears fall like super easy. At the moment,i'm alone in this small room with ima and dila still sleeping. and now it's already 12 noon. Haha. It's okay. We are IB students after all. Weekends are for us to enjoy our moments and a payback day.

ok,that should not be the topic for today. I passed through maria elena's blog. and the latest post was really inspiring. I believed the 3000++ likes can clearly shows that most of the same gender of mine would feel the same. But somehow, I wish to assert that there's another point of view from me. Here in KMB, the so called 'naqibah-naqibah' are doing their great job in their dakwah of telling the muslimats to cover up their head. BUT not with those hijab we are wearing now. I can tell you, here in KMB,most of them do not appreciate all these pashmina trending of wearing tudung. Ya,towards a certain extent, I can understand that covering up myself with shawls are not a proper way of menutupi aurat. But ya,i do agree with many of maria's statements in that particular post. Why judge and condemn those who are trying hard to start putting themselves towards Allah SWT? And look,many of my used-to-be-freehair friends are now wearing tudung. Alhamdulillah :) But if you realize, most of them started with shawls. Kan? for me, i think that should be ok. if that could help us cover up our head and slowly becoming a proper muslimah, why question more? Mane tahu,hidayah pulak turun lepas tu and terasa nak pakai tudung labuh pulak? We can pray for that kan? Doa. (telling to the nearest ears,mine ofcourse. InsyaAllah)

Actually, I dont wanna talk about this kind of things. Because I know i'm not a good one to point out on this topic. But let's just make this as a reminder. If it is not for you,then a reminder for me myself :)

MasyaAllah. See,told you. I'm crying.

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