Friday, December 23

Fine and Visual

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone! Due to a serious case of nothing to do except the blender feelings of guiltiness playing hide and seek has utterly pulled me away throughout my semester holiday. Yes. I spent the entire holiday procrastinating. waking up late. devoting my nights all the way through the internet activities. movie marathon. tweeting. texting excluded. I hate texting. it took me a long time to reply a text nowadays. I dont enjoy texting like I used to. Pity you. So sorry for that. ok. enough said. I think I wasted my semester break. Obv! Apparently, i really think that my senses are still not functioning very well intuiting the fear towards the final International Baccalaureate Examination which is five months away,eventually will decide the entire figuration of engineer-in-the-making. Nahh. but at least,I am done with my extended essay and the freaking TOK essay. as well as my world literature. Thank Allah,Alhamdulillah :)

Another around nine adorable and lovely days to go. I am not ready for the upcoming anomaly semester. No. Im not ready im not ready. Dear today tomorrow and the following days,take your time. move as slow as you can. please? :(

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