Saturday, December 31


the journey will meet up another comma. and mistakes should be given clemency and good memories should always remind you of EverythingWasFromAllah SWT. should admit that 2011 wasnt that easy. I past through thick and thin of the hectic life of IB. Ok,bosan kan. Asal pasal IB je mesti nak cakap buruk buruk je. busy la. apa la. Well,to be truth,I learnt a lot albeit the tough and brutal I shall say about the workloads that IB served. After all,orang kata hard work pays off kan. Alhamdulillah. InsyaAllah,i really really really hope UK is waiting for me. INSYAALLAH.

Bye bye 2011. You'll be missed :') Assalamualaikum 2012. Bring it on babyy!

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