Friday, February 17


It's very very sad to see your friend,or should I say a bestfriend of yours to literally change due to an affection called love. I cant blame any sides. Actually, it's a normal thing to see people change when they are governed by this strong affection. To see them smile every single minute, to see them with their phone all the time, too see them having a phone call everynight. nahh. I think,most couples experienced that. (I used to :P) But somehow, it hurts deeply when you started to ignore your friend when nowadays,every problem you faced,he would be the first one you could think of,every event you wished to go,he would be the first one you wanted to be with,every layoffs time you have, he would be the one you hope to play with or maybe to receive a long phone call from him.

I am sorry that I cant be as perfect as your boyfie. But I hope you remember that statement you used to tell him at the very beginning of your relationship.

"Friends come first" But it seems like everything is so perpendicular today,friend.

Dear whom it may concern,
I really really hope your relationship will last long. I am happy to see you in a contented layout and feeling so secure under his care. But, deep inside, i miss you so much. I miss the moment we used to share problem with. I miss the old you. I miss you.

If you ever need a hand,I am still here for you.

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