Saturday, February 4

i am no adorable. you are.

fuhh. and january has successfully ended. penat kuasa lapan. haha. it's a bit too scary that today is already february. ok lets not talk about this

#ayu1 : i need to digest my foods in a more proper manner. i think the digestion system in my body is not functioning very well. gemok kuasa lapan. although it was in my 2012 wishlist in which i hope to just forget about all those diet thingy,but my body is soooo turning into an apple. ok tak. pear kot. bontot yang besar. lol.

#ayu2 : nahh. take it or leave it. biar la gemuk pun. after all,who on earth cares? now, you choose. kurus atau bahagia? Bahagia!

#ayu1 : bluerghh. kurus

ok screwwwwwwwww it!

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